Fanvid Project

Fanvid Project. Autism:  Different NOT Less I chose to create a video about Autism.  This short video clip along with voice,video and text captions, highlights a common misconception that Autistic children and young adults are faced with on a daily basis.  Autism is a condition that is puzzling to the medical industry.  Medical Practitioners have a very difficult… Continue reading Fanvid Project


Even if you don’t agree with our current political climate and though we are not currently active in War arms contracts  still remain the one of the United States most lucrative industries. Just the Iraq war along has cost Americans close to 1 trillion dollars most of which going to defense contracts. Money is such a integral part of war that one of the tactics suspected of being used by congress today is waiting to declare war on the Islamic state instead of the Terrorist group Isis as the monetary backing is much greater.